Dear all

With the escalating concern around COVID-19, and in line with World Health Organization and UK Government guidance, we have taken the decision, effective immediately, to instruct all ESIS Office staff to work remotely until further notice.

Our engineers will be continuing with inspections as much as they possibly can, however their safety and yours remains paramount and we will work with you to ensure this. However please can we draw your attention to the below;

HSE & HSA Position on Thorough Examinations in Relation to the current Covid-19 Outbreak – 16th March 2020

“Following the Government’s recent announcement that we are now in the ‘delay’ phase of the COVID-19 outbreak, the HSE is advising owners of lifting equipment and in particular engineering companies who carry out the thorough examinations and testing of lifting equipment to note the following:

  • Lifting equipment for the lifting of persons is carried out every six months with a dated report issued to the lift owner. The next six-month examination should take place on or before this date, but not after.
  • If no thorough examination has taken place prior to the date on the report, the lifting equipment should not be used until it has been examined by a competent person.
  • However, if engineering companies, are suffering shortages in their own resources, they should consider focusing their thorough examination of lifts on premises where the most vulnerable are located such as hospitals and care homes where people may not be as able to use stairs, as opposed to  shops and offices where staff maybe more able to do so.

“Most premises have more than one lift so some redundancy is already built in should a lift have to be taken out of use having gone beyond its examination date until an engineer is available to visit.”

“There is a higher risk of lifting equipment failure should it not be examined as per the six month schedule and dutyholders are expected to take all reasonably practicable steps to make sure their equipment complies with the law.”

“HSE will keep the situation under review and does not have any plans to issue any exemptions to LOLER requirements.”

Should you have any queries please can we direct you to email us on and we will do our upmost to deal with your enquiry.

We are mindful of the potential for unanticipated delays during this time and would very much appreciate your understanding in the circumstances.

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